Our technology drives value in multiple manufacturing sectors.

We team up with your experts to understand your manufacturing process from start to finish — homing in on the critical factors influencing your final product. Next, we create machine learning models to address optimization challenges. See the data-driven results below.

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AI-guided results

    • Up to 29x ROI over a two-year period.
    • fPerformance guidance for engineers and operators.
    • Optimized production flow for superior quality.
    • 40% non-quality costs reduction.
    • Real-time monitoring and alerts to identify issues.
    • Data-driven collaboration to enhance process stability.

    Our key verticals

    Industry Advisory Board

    Dataprophet is privileged to count a number of thought leaders in their respective fields as members of our Industry Advisory Board. These are our supporters, champions, and guides in a fast-changing industry. Our board members have been instrumental in ensuring we stay ahead of industry trends while developing our solutions globally for a range of sectors.

    Thilo Koslowski

    Automotive — Smart Mobility Digital Innovation Leadership

    Thilo Koslowski, a leading automotive innovator, excels in translating tech capabilities and market trends into industry-leading products and successful strategies. He has robust experience in building and leading successful international businesses in Silicon Valley and Germany. Thilo founded and served as CEO of Porsche Digital, driving its digital strategy and product innovation. Prior to Porsche, he established Gartner’s global automotive practice, formulating strategies for smart mobility.

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Grotepass

    Smart Manufacturing Pioneer | AI for Industrial Automation Innovator

    Prof. Dr. Grotepass brings over 30 years of experience in 4IR manufacturing, with a strong background in machine vision technology. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen, focusing on Machine Vision and has been instrumental in driving digital transformation as Chief Strategy Officer of Manufacturing Europe at HUAWEI Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH and the European Research Center (ERC) in Munich. Prof. Dr. Grotepass has developed many AI-supported and 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 use-case innovations

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