With our Machine Builder and Integrator partners we leverage their vertical-specific and industry experience with our machine learning expertise. Together, we scale the competitive advantage of our digitization and performance optimization solutions in a range of manufacturing sectors globally. 

Types of partnerships

Machine Builder Partnerships

Our Machine Builder partners embed advanced connectivity analytics and AI for state-of-the-art equipment health and optimization. Via consultation, training, and support, it is delivered and scaled as a measurable value-add to their end-user factory customers.

Integrator Partnerships

These combine industry expertise and the 4IR resources needed to implement our industrial transformation solutions on-site. With our Integrator partners, we deliver our customer value proposition collaboratively. Dataprophet works with its global Integrator partners to generate site-specific value realization.

Norican Digital | Dataprophet Machine Builder partnership

“We know foundries and how they work; Dataprophet really knows AI. Together, we can bring practical AI applications into foundries faster—applications that will have a tangible impact for our customers now, not in a distant future. In Dataprophet, we have found a partner who shares our pragmatic attitude and our passion for helping foundries work ever more productively and resource-efficiently. We have started with DISA applications, but we will fast forward to the full brand portfolio and beyond soon.”

Anders Wilhjelm

CEO, Norican Group

About Norican Digital


Norican, based in Denmark, is a leading machine builder, primarily serving the foundry industry. With about 2000 employees, it provides efficient and sustainable equipment globally, including molding machines, sand mixers, furnaces, and shot blasters, used by iron foundries and aluminum die casters. Norican supports its customers with service and aftermarket support, striving for top efficiency and quality while offering upgrades to incorporate the latest technology in machinery.



Dataprophet first came to the attention of Norican in 2018, based on work we were doing with one of the largest foundries in the Southern Hemisphere. After a visit to our customer foundry to see the results achieved firsthand, Norican saw the upside of a long-term collaboration. Dataprophet and Norican then resolved to combine forces on a shared IIoT platform playing to our relative strengths.

Norican Digital | Dataprophet partnership


The Norican team determined that independently developing AI-for-manufacturing technology would be costly, time-consuming, and risky. A partnership with an established expert in industrial machine-learning solutions made sense. The exclusive partnership with Dataprophet could leverage AI performance optimization expertise, which would be further enhanced by Norican’s strong market position, trusted technology brands, and credibility in the foundry sector.

Digital-era foundry strategy


The Norican Group constructed its industry-exclusive partnership model with us to scale Dataprophet’s results globally across the foundry industry. The idea was to act quickly to capitalize on the first mover advantage with digital solutions for foundries combining deep industry knowledge with deep digital and AI expertise. The key would be leveraging the technological know-how and digital products of Dataprophet to benefit Norican's customers.



Since 2020, Norican Digital and Dataprophet have been scaling out their Monitizer | DISCOVER and Monitizer | PRESCRIBE solutions with highly successful results. Initial engagement between Dataprophet and Norican determined an optimization project critical to a foundry customer. Once the end-user had agreed on a common commercial proposal, technical collaboration and deployment began. This technological collaboration saw the Spanish foundry group, Condals, reduce scrap rates for two products by 39% and 45%, respectively, with the guidance of Dataprophet’s AI-driven optimization deployment.

Digital-era ambitions


The worldwide digital rollout of the partnership’s products is strategically critical. To this end, Norican and Dataprophet have set ambitious targets for getting their combined products up in front of customers and implementing them. Norican sees the long-term value-add of its strong hardware technology brands going digital as an integral part of the total solution for the foundries of the future. Extracting maximum benefit from the foundry value chain in the long term means scaling this technology across their customers’ factory fleets.

Meet our Integrator partners

Our partnership with Hucon AG – Engineering consultancy

Hucon AG, our official Integrator partner for German-speaking regions, provides engineering services for technical and business tasks for top companies. They specialize in strategic and operational engineering, production optimization, and shopfloor management. Partnering with us, Hucon AG aims to bring our proven AI-driven performance optimization solutions to German manufacturing facilities.

“HUCON and Dataprophet combine the best capabilities from two different aspects for sustainable success: More than 20 years of Consulting and project management experience and cutting-edge AI services.”

Hucon Team

We team up with Kaitronn to optimize a world-leading foundry

This Integrator partner is a top Brazilian software solution company for manufacturing. Their client, a major manufacturer of cast iron engine parts, benefited from our partnership formed in 2020. By integrating Kaitronn’s IIoT platform with our Deep Learning solution, we provided optimal prescriptions for process optimization, considering production constraints. This collaboration substantially reduced the client’s defect rates.

“In the last few years, the Brazilian manufacturing market has recognized that incorporating AI in several operational areas is no longer an option, but a strategic need in order to achieve new levels of competitiveness and prosperity in business. Considering all of this, we were searching for AI technologies that could complement our portfolio, and we found in DataProphet’s solutions and team an ideal partnership to help Brazilian companies to succeed in this digital transformation journey.”

Jeanlis Brito Zanatta

CEO, Kaitronn Consultoria