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Envisaging the impact of AI-powered manufacturing is easy with our videos. Choose a topic and press play to explore our products, listen in on thought-leader insights, or gain knowledge into some of the mechanisms that support our solutions. 

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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the manufacturing sector

Meet our CEO and co-founder, Frans Cronje, as he walks us through the broad strokes of manufacturing process performance optimization for the digital era.

Dataprophet PRESCRIBE

Watch how Dataprophet PRESCRIBE optimizes your manufacturing process performance with prescriptive AI in complex, dynamic plant environments.

Interview with AI TV

Machine learning is a tool for solving a specific business challenge. We began as an AI consultancy for a range of industries. This interview explains the early turn we took toward generating value for manufacturers exclusively. The rest is history.

Working at Dataprophet – our technical team

Are you keen to help revolutionize sustainable production by solving manufacturing optimization challenges using world-leading AI? Take it from some of our team members driving the change in this video.

The impact of AI on the automotive sector

Why can real-time data be too late for automotive manufacturers to optimize their process performance? Frans Cronje answered this question at the Generis Automotive Summit. See how to create a value-enabling data environment with reference to two successful automotive use cases, in this video.

American automotive summit 2020: a practical journey towards AI

At the American Automotive Summit, our CEO introduced the make up of our team behind Dataprophet’s suite of industrial transformation technologies. Watch to gain practical insights into data maturity and orchestration for high-impact decisions that incorporate a prescriptive AI workflow successfully across your plant.

Python debugging

Discover Python debugging with Dataprophet’s Gilad Amar in this video. Learn to debug code using essential tools, manage zero division errors, utilize IPDB, and master debugging commands. Whatever the coding environment, Gilad’s tutorial has got you covered.