Robotic stud welding excellence for a premium automotive plant

Luxury automotive OEM collaborates around data-driven optimization to achieve digital-era continuous improvement.


reduction in downtime

times ROI in a two-year period

The context

This major utility vehicle maker prides itself on the quality, safety, and reliability of its vehicles. The manufacturer operates a high-capacity automotive assembly plant in South Africa, where the operation contributes significantly to job creation and the local economy.

With at least 200 robots in action, the body shop is one of the most complex areas within the automotive manufacturing space. Here, they were experiencing challenges in their stud welding operations. To provide top-quality components and parts more efficiently, this automotive OEM worked with us and utilized the dynamic guidance capabilities of prescriptive analytics.

The results

The manufacturer optimized the performance of their robotic stud welding process in a short time frame. Measurably enhanced quality outcomes, reduced defects, and better uptime were among the benefits. 

Key results included a reduction in downtime of 72% within the first month, increased production volume, and an ROI of 29x over a two-year period.

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