Monitizer | Prescribe at Condals Group foundry

Condals Group leverages its own data to drive manufacturing efficiency and operational resilience.  


Pattern 1: Scrap rate reduction


Pattern 2: Scrap rate reduction

The context

Condals has more than 50 years of experience in the foundry space and is known for its high-quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques. Between its Spanish and Slovakian locations, the foundry’s three moulding lines produce more than 43,000 tons of iron castings each year. 

This manufacturer set out with us, in partnership with Disa, to implement a system that could detect and correct process anomalies. In a dynamic manufacturing environment, the aim was to improve casting quality and reduce scrap at the end of their production line.

The results

We analyzed large volumes of production data, identifying bottlenecks and implementing actionable steps ahead of real-time. As a result, Condals achieved greater traceability and productivity. 

Following our prescriptions, the foundry reduced scrap by 45% for one pattern, 39% for another, and sees the possibility of a 0% external scrap rate.

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