Automotive foundry optimization for a sustainable future

Automotive foundry revolutionizes environmental impact and connects its workforce with prescriptive AI.


reduced scrap rate


average defect reduction

saved monthly by the foundry

CO2 emissions saved per non-shipped defect

The context

One of the largest foundries in the Southern Hemisphere partnered with Dataprophet to compete globally and achieve its vision of being the most innovative foundry in the world. It aimed to upgrade and increase digitization and acquisition of intelligence across all stages of production. The strategy was to leverage the plant’s production and quality data and enable plant engineers and managers to drive sustainable process performance efficiencies.

The results

The automotive foundry reduced scrap rate by 50% in first month, achieving a <0.1% external scrap rate in three months with our guidance. Defects dropped to 0.5% with a 40% average reduction. The foundry saves $100k monthly, gaining a 20x ROI in two years. Optimizing process control minimized waste, lowered energy use, and eliminated external defects, cutting 135 kg CO2 emissions per non-shipped defective block.

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