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Accelerate your smart factory journey with our integrated suite of AI-powered technology.

These tools combine your machine data with existing infrastructure and stream high-quality data for consistent, real-time access. An intuitive, secure platform for data visualization and KPI tracking across your plant eases the transition to high-impact data-to-value decision-making. Prescriptive AI guides you to optimize control plans and benchmark manufacturing performance, enhancing efficiency and returns. Our state-of-the-art AI tools deliver a seamless fusion of data orchestration, insightful contextualization, and digital-era continuous improvement. Scroll on to learn more.

Data Orchestration


Optimized hardware that retrieves, cleans, filters, and organizes your factory data

EDGE is the basis for normalizing informed, data-driven decision-making in your factory. Our tool delivers meaningful data for your production environment. In offline mode, your machine data is collected and stored for later use. When online, EDGE streams to CONNECT.

A framework orchestrates on-device custom inference and general-purpose stream computation fleet-wide. With real-time AI capability embedded, EDGE provides a rock-solid, scalable foundation for plant-state monitoring and timely performance insights.

  • Retrieves, cleans, filters, and organizes factory data from the edge of production via our custom software stack.
  • Manages, monitors, and makes accessible all your process data in one simple, private, and secure online location.
  • Streams essential production data in variable connectivity environments with offline functionality.
  • Ensures that all your software is always current and optimized via the Edge fleet management system.
  • 1 Integrates with multiple machine-to-machine connectivity and data transference protocols.
  • Enables our Edge team to customize to your specific data formats and structures if required.

Data Contextualization and Visualization


Your factory’s real-time, end-to-end data streaming and visualization platform

Built for AI, our custom-configurable IIOT platform establishes a contextualized, current, and complete data pipeline across your plant. Production flow is mapped to quality outcomes with fine-grained traceability. Your data environment is managed securely from the edge to the cloud. 

Stakeholders also gain role-based access at a human-centered web interface. Using CONNECT, your people equip themselves with a multi-purpose tool that visualizes the intelligence most critical to their plant’s performance. Users configure it according to the daily operational needs which define their unique workflows.

  • Data retrieval and exploration at your fingertips.
  • Intuitive dashboards with customizable widget libraries.
  • Tools to target and visualize critical plant data.
  • Seamless KPI monitoring and alerting built-in.
  • Connectivity for AI-readiness across your entire plant.
  • Role-based access, multiple sites, one secure location.

Process Performance Optimization


Industrial optimization powered by state-of-the-art prescriptive AI

Your manufacturing teams leverage the user-friendly dashboarding of our smart factory solution as it delivers optimal recipes at just the right time.  

Plant engineers and operators apply PRESCRIBE’s setpoint changes, pipelined through a robust machine-learning workflow. These are deep learning prescriptions proven to empower the plant and its operational teams to streamline root cause analysis, automate KPI benchmarking, and make high-impact adjustments proactively. 

With PRESCRIBE’s pre-emptive optimization guidance, plant stakeholders sustain continuous, measurable manufacturing improvements — in production process performance, quality, efficiency, environmental impact, and financial return on production assets.

  • Analyzes plant data from CONNECT, via EDGE.
  • Identifies your plant’s optimal stable operating region.
  • Prescribes optimized control plans adaptively.
  • Delivers peak operational efficiency proactively.
State-of-the-art guidance with prescriptive AI

State-of-the-art guidance with prescriptive AI

Deep learning AI algorithms interpret complex process interactions, prescribing optimal recipes and the precise steps to apply them. Plants significantly improve their quality, production, and sustainability KPIs, achieving peak production efficiency.

12-16 week deployment and expert integration support

12-16 week deployment and expert integration support

Our highly specialized team securely deploys PRESCRIBE across all common platforms and floor management systems in eight weeks — integrating with any PLC, SCADA, or other sources and linking relevant data from multiple process steps.

800M + measurements in a setup | 5K-10K features in a view

800M + measurements in a setup | 5K-10K features in a view

It continuously ingests raw and pre-processed  production data from multiple data sources for the AI to translate into actionable value — translating complex processes into a user-configurable interface for operators and plant engineers to benchmark production proactively.

Best practice performance AI-embedded

Best practice performance AI-embedded

PRESCRIBE distills, transfers, and maintains institutional knowledge into its models, which is fed back into control plans. Preserving knowledge into machine learning workflows enhances consistency and continuity. Sustainable best practice evolves with the plant over time.

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