White Papers

Welcome to our White Papers section! Here, you’ll find practical insights into manufacturing’s digital era. These industry deep dives are based on current research and wisdom from experts in the field, including AI use case observations from our own team. Explore our wealth of resources and discover how data-driven, smart factory step change can deliver substantial returns for your operation.

Manufacturing 4.0 Change Management
Our team's change management reflections on the connected factory, data integrity, the importance of SMEs, and a digital maturity mindset are a must-read.
Industrial Automation is Having a Moment | Smart Industry
This Smart Industry Technology report features our article on the transformative power of data-driven tech to transform automotive manufacturing performance.
Navigating Manufacturing Megatrends with IOT and AI
This white paper was created with IoT World showing how our AI-ready IIoT platform embedded deep learning—for impactful efficiencies in an automotive OEM.
The Data-Driven Journey Towards Manufacturing Excellence
We are an WEF member. Our CEO, Frans Cronje, imparts wisdom on how AI algorithms transform massive datasets.
Data Maturity Self-Assessment for Industry 4.0
This white paper offers practical insight into the data complex manufacturing plants possess and the systems required for AI-enabled factory optimization.
Four Best Practices to Optimize Plant Control Plans with AI
See how manufacturers can implement optimized plant control plans, and include tips and takeaways from real-world implementations of our AI.