Deep learning optimization for engine block manufacturing

The world’s largest manufacturer of cast iron engine blocks and cylinder heads leverages prescriptive AI to reduce their baseline scrap.

The context

This manufacturer supplies its components globally for the commercial, agricultural, and heavy vehicles automotive industries. It has a presence in over forty countries across two continents. 

Despite the highly sophisticated equipment of advanced foundries, enhanced production capacity is often elusive. Competitive edge can be gained by leveraging the mass of data available from production systems. Seeing the performance optimization potential of AI, this leading manufacturer acquired Dataprophet’s services.

The results

We worked with this OEM to discover a viable production paradigm that generated enhanced control plans. Datarophet’s industrial optimization solution generated recommendations for prioritized prescriptions. 

These adjustments empowered plant engineers and operators to target optimized production output and consistently lower baseline scrap. As a result, the customer achieved a sustainable 55% reduction in defect rates.

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