Why Dataprophet?

Manufacturers realize guaranteed value using data generated by their different production systems and equipment with our expert smart factory support.

Sustainable digital maturity and performance

Holistic plant connectivity

Holistic plant connectivity

Our expert teams fully integrate your OT systems and aid OT/IT convergence, enabling constant access to high-quality production data across plants.

Contextualised optimization

Contextualised optimization

Our solutions adapt to dynamic plant environments and their key manufacturing performance challenges. Successful use cases are transferable across multiple products and factory groups

Measurable results guaranteed

Measurable results guaranteed

Value-generation is guaranteed across targeted benchmarks for each use case. These include OEE, environmental impact, yield, scrap reduction, quality, and productivity.

Digitally enabled workforce

Digitally enabled workforce

We walk the journey toward achieving peak performance efficiency with you. Our service includes complete digital training and change management support at every step.

What makes us different?

We recognize the digitization journey

You receive guidance on the next steps to a data-driven operation. This is based on a comprehensive assessment of your plant’s data environment.

State-of-the-Art Prescriptive AI

Our AI-driven optimization solution is expertly managed by world-class data scientists. Plant engineers and operators use it to move the needle on key production metrics proactively.

Proven Results

Our customers are guaranteed significant value outcomes with ≥40% improvements on targeted production KPIS — including OEE, energy efficiency, waste reduction, uptime, quality, yield, and throughput.

Digital Skills Development

Plant stakeholders are supported to engage and use our technology. They track the value they achieve during a successful smart factory step change.

Application Across Industries

Dataprophet’s technology adapts successfully to a wide range of manufacturing sectors. Automotive OEMs, gray iron foundries, steel makers, mineral processors, and semiconductor foundries have all generated sustainable value from our solutions.

Trusted Partnership

Strategic cross-industry collaboration empowers our Machine Builder, Integrator, and Technology partners to scale insights and learnings from successful AI use cases across factory groups.

Your journey with us

Embark on a results-driven data maturity journey with us and realize your smart factory ambitions. Our state-of-the-art AI technology and customized change management assistance flexes with your unique 4IR roadmap.

Business Leaders, Engineers, Data Scientists and Developers

countries with tenants; our customers include manufacturers, machine builders, OEMs, and tier 1 suppliers.

Systematic data maturity
A unified view of production
Processes traced to quality outcomes
Data-driven KPI benchmarking
Peak manufacturing efficiency
Operational resilience and agility
Results-driven digital leadership
Digital-era success

Powerful smart factory tools, intelligently applied

Unleash your hidden factory. Our AI-enabling technologies flexibly integrate with your existing plant systems.


Our Awards


Strategic plant data orchestration and visualization with state-of-the-art prescriptive guidance to empower your people for digital-era success.

Our complete factory connectivity solution preprocesses and stores your optimization-critical plant data made available on user-friendly dashboards. Plant stakeholders gain rich insights into their processes. High-impact, AI-guided adjustments move the needle on performance for continuous improvement.

Data Ingest


We extract live data from the production environment to a secure cloud, maintaining data quality in all conditions. Our EDGE devices collect, store, and analyze plant data, performing preprocessing from multiple sources.

Data Storage


Our data store manages large-scale time-series data, ensuring swift query performance and data security. It's compatible with existing applications and offers flexibility in data manipulation.

Data Contextualization


Our data pipeline is built to optimize manufacturing performance, guaranteeing the consistent availability of your production data. We continually assess data integrity, adapting as plant conditions change.

Self-service Data Visualization


Our adaptive IIOT platform enables real-time, intuitive data visualization for managers and engineers. It allows customization of dashboards for easy access to performance-integral data.

Prescriptive Performance Optimization


Our prescriptive AI provides guidance to plant stakeholders, turning complex process dynamics into simple action steps. Applying these instructions improves production performance by 40% before issues impact the line.

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