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Use machine learning to discover who to sell what to and how to target them best.

We are machine learning specialists.

DataProphet provides bespoke consulting services to various local and international clients within retail, manufacturing and financial services. Our product suite includes Omni and Insight which have been deployed with great success across the globe.

Toward a zero-defect manufacturing future

AI for manufacturing, using state of the art predictive and prescriptive Machine Learning, OMNI is able to predict undesirable elements whether they be defects, faults or any quality criteria and then identify ideal process variables to move the process into a higher yield region.

Our Team

DataProphet prides itself on its highly skilled and adaptable team.

Frans Cronje

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Freddie Herbst

Commercial Director

Michael Grant

Chief Technical Officer

Peter Brookstein

Development Lead

Michelle Docking

Operations Manager

Joris Stork

Senior Data Scientist

Bennie Leonard

Senior Machine Learning Scientist

Gilad Amar

Data Scientist

Stephen Hunter

Data Scientist

Isaac Matsa

Sales Executive

Grant Gohl

Creative Lead

Gareth Halstead

Product Manager

Willem Beckmann

Marketing Officer

Tim Wolff-Piggott

Senior Data Scientist

Sizwe Mamba

Junior Data Scientist

Vanesse Machill

Sales Associate

Tom Whitehead

Junior Data Scientist

Dylan Johnson

Junior Data Scientist

Jonah Hooper

Software Engineer

Lauren Burnham-King

Data Scientist

Ashton Hudson

Software Engineer

Jason Fourie

Junior Data Scientist

Ari Anastassiou

Junior Data Scientist

Wasim Lorgat

Junior Data Scientist

Sasha Lee Coleman

Junior Graphic Designer

Daniel Schwartzkopff

Co-Founder, Non-executive Director
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