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OMNI is Machine learning for manufacturing. Our prescriptive AI system, coupled to your data becomes an expert with experience in all of your production history. This AI expert is able to guide your production team to eliminate defects, scrap and minimise downtime.
OMNI helped a major engine block manufacturer attain 0% external scrap.
Automotive Assembly
OMNI helped an international car manufacturer reduce stud welding defects by 75%.

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Long Steel Manufacturing
OMNI helped a leading steel producer significantly reduce defects in its processes.
Metal Refinery
OMNI helped a large manganese producer optimize its processes and improve the quality of completed billets.

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VAE Latent Space Graph
Animation: We are able to reach into the mind of our AI and understand the complex relationships between processes variables that the system has learned. Using these insights and the current state of your production systems we are able to provide holistic guidance to your production team to eliminate defects, scrap, and minimise downtime.

Because this guidance understands the interactions between all aspects of your production system the holistic guidance creates a single team contributing towards a common goal. This is far more efficient than individual process owners optimising small sections of the plant.

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OMNI Vision
OMNI Vision is our cutting-edge machine vision system that enhances the effectiveness of human quality control operators. OMNI Vision improves continually and can locate and classify defects on components That the system has never seen before.

Unlike other machine vision solutions, OMNI Vision does not use template matching to detect defects but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to flag manufacturing defects.

OMNI Vision combines consistent quality control with unparalleled traceability and consistency. OMNI Vision is, therefore, the comprehensive visual QC solution for Industry 4.0.

OMNI Vision has a proven track record in the foundry industry, where it has helped a sizeable green sand casting foundry significantly cut down on common debilitating casting defects.

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AI Consulting

Your data is extremely valuable. DataProphet assists data-heavy businesses to discover the insights and predictive capability hidden in their data. We provide specialized consulting services to the Retail/FMCG, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Energy industries.
Anomaly detection graph
Anomaly detection for financial sector
Our team will spend time on-site learning about your business from the inside. We build all our algorithms from the ground up in Python and are thus able to customize our models to integrate smoothly with any legacy business systems. We have multiple case studies per industry and results are typically in the order of a 20-30% improvement over traditional statistical methods.

We have multiple case studies that testify of the effectiveness of our AI solutions.
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