AI for Manufacturing 4.0

Positioning manufacturers for digital-era success by optimizing production process performance.

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Our Approach

Value generation is guaranteed as our solutions are adaptable to a plant’s unique production performance challenges. Our data-driven solution moves your plant to its optimal region.  A collaborative approach ensures plant teams boost their skills as connected workers.

Prepare and leverage your data


With a contextualized, current, complete, and secure data picture, your data is ready to utilize. We ensure data readiness for your factory’s production environment.

Optimize your process performance


AI experts analyze crucial production data for enhanced manufacturing. Our deep learning solution offers actionable recommendations, driving process performance improvements.

Improve your financial return

We collaborate with your production teams for high-value use cases in process performance improvement. Guaranteeing economic impact, we report our solution’s outcome continuously.

Meet your sustainability goals


Sustainability is assured via data-driven improvement & tech upgrades. Customers optimize energy use, slash CO2 emissions, reduce rework, and lessen waste.

Establish your status as a digital leader


Customers realize strategic digitization with smart factory practices. Data collaboration and transfer learning scale broader impact results for digital leadership.

Customer Impact

Results achieved with key clients

ROI (over a 2-year period)


reduction in production scrap


production volume increase


reduction in defect-related downtime

shipped defects

Our prescriptive AI sustains best-of-best production runs

 Our deep learning solution discovers stable operating regions, helps guide your operation to the optimal region, and keeps production there.

What we offer

AI Readiness Assessment

You receive a full report on your existing data network infrastructures and guidance toward AI-driven process performance optimization.

Data Contextualization

We establish a contextualized, current, and complete data stream across your plant. The stream is managed securely from edge to cloud for role-based access in an intuitive front end.

Process Performance Optimization

Our AI-enabled industrial solution continuously generates enactable prescriptions that guide plant engineers and operators to optimize your production processes.

We know your challenges

Scrap Reduction


Successfully target root causes of defective batches or parts. Plant engineers and operators achieve better quality outcomes and yield consistently. In one case, our solution sustained a reduction in wheel-casting scrap of 29% over a period across every pattern to which it was applied.

Energy Efficiency


Adaptive guidance empowers plants to affect significant energy savings and emissions reductions — minimizing production waste from internal and external scrap toward sustainable peak operating efficiency.

Digital Skills Improvement


Our approach focuses on a digital adoption process that introduces new data-driven KPIs over time. We empower teams to maximize technology value, from AI readiness to optimization. Upskilling support includes training, control plan adaptation, and prescription compliance.

Employee Value Proposition


Change management assistance for end-users eases the transition to data-based decision-making. A connected worker culture that celebrates smart factory wins enhances your employee value proposition and establishes digital leadership values.

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