PRESCRIBE – An Expert Execution System


DataProphet PRESCRIBE is our prescriptive analytics AI solution, guaranteeing manufacturing process optimization. 

DataProphet PRESCRIBE is our flagship, AI-driven prescriptive analytics solution for manufacturing optimization. Its deep learning models guide plant operators in a wide range of verticals to realize high-impact efficiencies ahead of loss in production. What specific benefits can you expect from this Expert Execution System? Holistic line control and continuous, targeted improvements: in scrap reduction; First Pass Yield; quality; throughput, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

For true process optimization, you need more than just visualization or traditional retroactive analyses. You need DataProphet PRESCRIBE, an expert execution system that provides value by recommending prescriptive actions to help you holistically achieve your production KPIs. 

DataProphet PRESCRIBE combines the lessons from historic data with the latest state of production, then displays which process parameters need to change in what order and to what amount, using AI to dynamically accommodate upstream effects. 

By providing the optimum plant control parameters, you always have clear recommended corrections ahead of any loss in production. Rather than just predicting problems, it’s a system that prescribes solutions, giving you the clear guidance you need to continuously optimize your manufacturing process. 

With a clear rank order for priority changes, an overview of the plan to see all processes that are within prescriptive parameters and ones that are not role-adjusted views. So you’re only seeing what is important for you and your role, and simple report generation accessible through APIs, as well as a web front end with a host of quality of life features along with direct support for your changing data landscape as part of the service. 

During installation, our team of experts integrates DataProphet CONNECT, which leverages your existing data environment at no additional cost, enabling our solution to combine your process data and quality data, then securely stream that data to DataProphet PRESCRIBE. Once integrated, DataProphet PRESCRIBE actively pushes optimal prescriptive recommendations to your operators, informing them on any process parameter changes to pre-emptively avoid defects or loss in yield from semiconductors to rubber, to glass, and many more. 
DataProphet continuously optimizes production, allowing manufacturers to advance their production lines and help them reach their industry 4.0 ambitions. Let’s see how DataProphet PRESCRIBE can advance your manufacturing capabilities today at


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