DataProphet at the IoT World Conference


DataProphet’s co-founder and CEO, Frans Cronje, presented DataProphet CONNECT at the IoT World Conference. He explained how IoT supports the digitization goals of improving yield and sustainability through the application of AI.

DataProphet CONNECT is our fully scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity platform designed with AI enablement (i.e., data-driven optimization). Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world, we install and deploy CONNECT to securely facilitate the preprocessing, centralization, and visualization of the industrial data that is most critical to plant personnel. 

CONNECT works in the context of the full digital transformation journey—ensuring that the plant’s data integrity, context, and resolution are elevated to a state of AI-readiness, thus primed for data-driven solutions. 
These digital transformation steps are uniquely geared toward a plant’s AI readiness. With complete, contextualized, and current data, a factory reaps the full value of data-driven process optimization and machine maintenance technology. Learn how DataProphet CONNECT can digitally transform your production environment at


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