AI Nights | 3rd February 2022

AI Nights is back in 2022! And DataProphet’s passionate teams of world-class, in-house data-scientists and software engineers (plus some exceptional guests) will give us work-a-day glimpses—into a future reality we will find largely unrecognizable. 

It should also be said that this future reality is arriving much faster than most people realize. Technology’s reshaping of existing industries and inventing new ones is not possible without AI and those who master it. 

In light of this, AI Nights’ ‘on demand’ topics will show how the contours of the future are being tempered by quantum leaps in computing power and evermore mind-boggling Deep Learning breakthroughs and techniques.

Our popular event is not just a deep dive into tech for its own sake—we believe the significance of machine learning is now too great to be ignored, even for the layperson. Because AI is now so embedded in our day-to-day (and will only become more so), its nuances are fascinating for the observable, real-world vectors they set in motion once unleashed. 

Society is on a breathtaking precipice—ours is the highest-ever-stakes epoch, of unprecedented innovation and systemic environmental fragility. The pandemic has fast-tracked an inevitable technological paradigm shift to a world where the digital and actual are increasingly symbiotic. 

The great challenges of our times are so large and complex as to be beyond the realm of human comprehension and traditional statistical modeling. As a self-improving industrial guidance system, sophisticated AI can be deployed to glean profound, previously hidden insights from “the edge”—the webbed, sensory interplay between all machines and devices, great and small. 

In the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) domain, zettabytes of data abound. This renders AI all the more significant. After all, the future of technology depends on turning a rolling mass of data into value.

With the proper human stewardship, advanced AI is a technology capable not only of making sense of this complexity but generating better and better solutions for humanity’s most urgent challenges.




Webinar Start Time:

Feb 3rd, 2022 18:00 GMT +2

Event Start Time:

Feb 3rd, 2022 17:30 GMT +2

Event Location:

Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town





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Gerard Walsh

A Cape Town local, Gerard studied at the University of Stellenbosch, obtaining his degrees in Mechanical and Mechatronic engineering. He previously worked at a research facility in Germany, focusing on human-robot interaction through the utilization of Computer Vision, and at a local company building data analysis pipelines. Gerard found his true interest—being a Data Scientist with a passion for Computer Vision to solve challenging, real-world problems.

Ulrich Paquet

Ulrich has a Ph.D. in machine learning (ML) from Cambridge and worked at Microsoft and Apple. Now senior research scientist at DeepMind, his work on AlphaZero includes collaborating with Vladimir Kramnik on small chess rule changes altering the game at a superhuman level. Ulrich grew up in South Africa and cares deeply about growing mathematical sciences in Africa. He co-founded and co-directs Deep Learning Indaba, a grassroots initiative to strengthen ML in Africa.

Prof. Ryno Laubscher

Prof Laubscher has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stellenbosch, specializing in computational fluid dynamics and AI. He currently works as Chair of Energy Efficiency Research at the University of Cape Town Mechanical Engineering Department. While at UCT, he has supervised numerous postgraduates and industrial research projects focusing on process- and computational fluid dynamics, and scientific machine learning-modeling of energy conversion processes.

Joris Stork

Joris Stork studied Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam and now heads up the EDGE team with CONNECT at DataProphet. Before joining the company in 2015, he built computer vision pipelines for robot navigation and aerial surveillance.

Peter Brookstein

Peter Brookstein graduated from Wits University with an MSc in Electrical Engineering. Before working at DataProphet, he built a secure, multi-platform, end-to-end encrypted communication system at a startup.