Deep Learning Optimization for Engine Block Manufacturing | a Case Study

Our client is a world-leading foundry with a presence in over forty countries across two continents. As the world’s largest manufacturer of cast iron engine blocks and cylinder heads—they supply globally for the commercial, agricultural, and heavy vehicles automotive industry.

Our customer works with cast iron alloys like gray and ductile iron, but also with next-generation compacted graphite iron (CGI), which it has mastered the utilization of. Their one industrial plant alone has a melt capacity of over 400 thousand metric tonnes annually. 

Seeing the potential value of AI to further reduce baseline scrap, this leading manufacturer acquired DataProphet’s services through a partnership with Kaitronn, our representative for Latin America.


Despite the highly sophisticated equipment of advanced foundries, an extra competitive advantage with respect to production capacity can be elusive. This, in large part, is due to the sheer weight of information process engineers now have access to, which they must parse in order to choose an ideal from millions of possible plant setpoint combinations. 

The objective of our installation was to discover an optimal production paradigm and to generate enhanced control plans for plant operators. If successful, the executed control plans would deliver more optimized production output for the products on the line. The result would be consistently less generation of scrap.




Too often, AI-as-a-Service providers equate research-based methodologies with one-size-fits-all industry solutions. DataProphet works closely with partners to gain an understanding of their unique set of production problems. We adopt AI-driven manufacturing solutions to the production dynamics of your factory floor, incorporating our proven, industrial process expertise, but taking our cues from contextualized feedback. We understand that most impact is achieved by building machine-learning models to mesh with your production lines' realities and the assets that drive them. Our partnerships are guaranteed win-win.

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