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Why is real-time manufacturing too late?

17 Sep 2021

Root causes of systemic production issues in manufacturing are rarely understood, let alone resolved holistically, unless operators can use AI to leverage data and establish ...

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DataProphet named in 15 Top Innovative AI Companies Driving Exponential Shifts In Their Respective Sectors

31 Aug 2021

The significant innovations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now permeating many aspects of our professional lives. How we design, build and interface with technology is—increasingly—informed ...

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DataProphet Announces Formation of its Semiconductor Advisory Board as Company Continues Global Expansion

30 Aug 2021

August 30, 2021 11:30 AM SAST AMSTERDAM–Leading AI-for-Manufacturing company, DataProphet, today announces the formation of its Semiconductor Advisory Board. With great pride, the company welcomes ...

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How machine learning can improve Individual Section Machine effectiveness

1 Mar 2021

It takes just 11 seconds to turn molten glass into a bottle. The most advanced hollow glass-forming operations can melt up to 300 tons of ...

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How machine learning can optimize the steel rolling process

9 Feb 2021

Rolled steel is a versatile material with incredible physical properties and, as such, is in just about everything: Trains, planes, buildings, and infrastructure. Fan blades, ...

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How machine learning can optimize the aluminum milling process

14 Jan 2021

As one of the most important materials in global manufacturing supply chains...

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Lean Manufacturing: The Influence Of Artificial Intelligence

5 Jan 2021

Lean manufacturing looks to promote system-wide efficiency...

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Is process optimization a competitive advantage for manufacturers?

23 Dec 2020

With three out of four manufacturing companies employing process optimization techniques, one can safely conclude that process optimization is a standard practice in the industry. The differentiating ...

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Increasing quality and efficiency in your tire and rubber production facility

9 Dec 2020

Tire manufacturers are looking for innovations that will drive business growth and efficiency amidst the demand for increasingly reliable, sustainable, and innovative products.  To customers, ...

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DataProphet scoops up fourth prestigious international award

20 Oct 2020

[13 October 2020, Cape Town] DataProphet, a leader in AI that enables manufacturers to step towards autonomous manufacturing, has been awarded the 2020 European Prescriptive for ...

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Building value for Semiconductor foundries from process data

13 Oct 2020

Semiconductor foundries represent some of the most sophisticated production processes of the modern world— rapid design iterations of increasingly complex packages, combined to form ever ...

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DataProphet Raises $6m in Series-A Funding Round

26 Aug 2020

Since its co-founding and incorporation in 2014, DataProphet has initiated several successful funding rounds. The most recently completed is this Series-A funding of August 2020—a ...

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