DataProphet Prescribe

DataProphet PRESCRIBE is a unique, deep learning solution designed to reduce manufacturing risk in multi-step processes. This Expert Execution System (EES) uses existing production data to model the web of interdependencies between manufacturing parameters and learns how they impact product and throughput quality. PRESCRIBE suggests targeted adjustments guaranteeing holistic line control. Its prescriptive course corrections capture the behavioral impact relevant to production process variables in their entirety, so global plant performance is continually optimizable.

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Reduce your dependence on the availability of process experts and step towards autonomous manufacturing with DataProphet PRESCRIBE.

Linked data from multiple process steps

4 - 8 Week Deployment

Full situational awareness of your production environment

State-of-the-art guidance, enabled by prescriptive AI

Integration into any industrial data source

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvements

A digital, process compatible, model of your factory


Case Studies

Discover how DataProphet PRESCRIBE keeps our clients on top of process faults.


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Our client is one of the largest foundries in the Southern Hemisphere. Each year it ...

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Condals’ three molding lines produce over 43,000 tons of iron castings each year at its ...

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Deep Learning Optimization for Engine Block Manufacturing | a Case Study

Our client is a world-leading foundry with a presence in over forty countries across two ...

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Manufacturing Case Study: Automotive Wheels OEM

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