DataProphet DETECT monitors real-time data from your PLC and SCADA for any anomalous behavior indicating a manufacturing fault, guiding corrective action within reaction times that are impossible under traditional feedback strategies. It achieves this using an integrated edge-to-cloud system. Optimized AI algorithms run on purpose-built industrial hardware to detect anomalies within seven seconds. Data from a detected anomalous cycle is fast-tracked for analysis by the AI-driven Diagnostic Algorithm in the cloud. Technicians on the factory floor are then alerted to the issue and its likely causes, and guided to corrective action, saving machine owners costly process faults.


Significantly improve system uptime and achieve measurable cost savings with DataProphet DETECT.

Proactively reduces equipment degradation to extend asset lifecycles

Reduces costly defects, troubleshooting, and downtime

Scales corrective action across processes, production lines, and plants

Faster root-cause analysis

Intuitive, web-based interface, accessible from the factory floor

Enhances overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Monitors large data volumes even where Internet bandwidth is limited


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