OMNI is AI for the manufacturing industry aimed at achieving zero defects in the manufacturing process. Using advanced predictive and prescriptive machine learning capabilities as well as state-of- the-art computer vision, OMNI is able to predict defects, faults and quality errors and prescribe the ideal process variables to shift processes to higher yields.
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Why it works

Track process parameters
Tracks relationships between process parameters

Despite individual parameters being well within accepted tolerances, the complex interplay between a large number of process parameters still results in increased manufacturing risk in multi-step production processes.

The reason for this increase is the intricate web of interdependencies that exist between past and present steps in manufacturing processes. OMNI can learn the complex relationships existing between parameters. This means that OMNI significantly reduces global manufacturing risk in your factory.

Traditional, statistical process control solutions can also account for relationships between multiple process parameters, but OMNI can encompass a far wider range of parameters and track the interactions between them in a dynamic way—resulting in full situational awareness of the manufacturing process.
Discovers root causes of latent defects

Because of the complex nature of manufacturing processes, some defects only surface after production has started. These types of defects are commonly referred to as “latent defects”.

The causes of latent defects are not readily observable. To isolate the root causes of these defects, it is necessary to first establish traceability between components and the manufacturing conditions under which they were produced. Once this traceability has been established, OMNI can identify the relationship between defect frequency and occurrence.
Discover causes latent defects

How it works

AI Manufacturing
OMNI combines your process data with powerful machine learning algorithms to identify the optimal control plan for your factory. An essential component of this process is to unify your process data to gain a holistic understanding of your entire factory.

After your data has been unified appropriately, we apply our machine learning algorithms to identify insights that are crucial to your manufacturing success.



OMNI provides dynamic optimisation of your process control system and helps you reduced loss to non-quality in your production line. OMNI achieves this through the active minimization of manufacturing risk.
Reduce Defects
Reduce defects

Defect occurrence is significantly reduced thanks to probability predictions that enhance existing quality control systems.
Transfer best practices
Transfer best practices

OMNI provides distillation and maintenance of institutional knowledge embedded in your process data. This feature helps you to more easily transfer best practices between experienced and inexperienced process operators.
easy integration
Easy integration

OMNI readily adapts to your manufacturing environment and integrates with all common platforms and floor management systems.

OMNI provides you with a learnt digital twin for your factory that allows engineers to simulate the impact of process changes on production output


Implementing OMNI in your factory

It takes 4 to 8 weeks to deploy OMNI in your factory since it needs to be configured to integrate with your unique manufacturing process and infrastructure. At DataProphet, we know that every factory is different and the importance of process parameters may differ significantly from one facility to another.

The integration process primarily involves building the machine learning models that will process your data and extract the most value from it.
Implementing OMNI factory
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Because OMNI uses your historical process data to learn ideal process parameters for your production line, OMNI will prescribe optimal parameters as soon as it goes online. As part of the implementation process, our team of data science experts will continually work to improve your OMNI installation, helping you reach your Industry 4.0 ambitions.

As a customer, you choose which Industry 4.0 technologies our team implements in your factory. Our team will work continually to improve your system to provide the best possible return on investment.