AI for Mineral Processing

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize production in mineral processing and achieve operational targets.


Improve output in mineral processing plants with industry 4.0

The world is evolving ever more rapidly and the mining industry is no exception, data is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Often stored in disparate sources across a plant, timely analysis and actionable insights are key to unlocking the immense value encoded in plant measurements. The application of these prescriptive actions is used to achieve the optimal state of production and improve output in mineral processing plants. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the innovation that makes this possible.

Through numerous implementations of our AI solution, DataProphet has provided clients with expert advice proven to deliver actionable and measurable results for continuous improvement in plant operations. This is the realisation of the Industry 4.0 vision within the context of mineral processing.

DataProphet’s team of highly skilled engineers and data scientists partner with clients to gain a thorough understanding of the processes within the plant, identifying relevant data sources and mapping the data environment in the context of the physical plant. DataProphet builds a unified view, linking both quality and process data. Upon ingestion of the data, our AI solution identifies an optimum operating paradigm to reduce variation and prescribes actions to achieve the optimal yield, resulting in more predictable plant performance.

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    Measurements Analyzed
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    100+ Man Years
    Industrial Knowledge Embedded in Data

    “Artificial intelligence in processing facilities has presented itself as an extremely exciting prospect for us through previous research, development and implementation of similar, less technologically advanced initiatives in the past. As the initiative deals with the backend of our value chain, the primary returns are almost wholly reflected in our bottom line and, at the scale at which we operate, are generally several orders of magnitude larger than the investment required to achieve them. We elected to partner with DataProphet based on their globally competitive capabilities in this space as well as their agility and professionalism.”
    Alex Fenn, technology and innovation lead, Sibanye-Stillwater

    DataProphet's Mineral Processing Solution

    DataProphet PRESCRIBE is able to inductively discover the complex and intricate dependencies present in mineral processing circuits. The AI expert system unifies and ingests historical data to rediscover the typically, hundreds of man-years’ worth, of experience embedded in disparate data sources across the plant.

    Optimum operating patterns are identified and used to prescribe actions, in real-time, based on the current operating characteristics of the plant to:

    • Improve plant stability
    • Enhance key plant metrics
    • Meet production targets
    • Strong operational efficiencies

    These prescriptions are provided within the context of a systemwide view which is cognizant of upstream and downstream processes.


    The Value of data in mineral processing plants:

    How Artificial Intelligence can help.

    Mineral process plants collect a huge amount of data, across hundreds of control parameters and quality measurements, due to the large volumes of production materials these plants typically process.