Mentat is DataProphet’s platform agnostic enquiry-based chatbot. Chatbots are services interacted with via chat interfaces. They are becoming ever more prevalent as innovative and cost effective ways of interacting with customers. Mentat is “hot started” by learning from relevant documents. Mentat then observes agents, learns and begins to suggest responses. Once confident in its responses, Mentat can reply automatically and escalate quickly to a human agent if the response does not resolve the query.

Why Use It?

Two-thirds of people between 17 and 36 prefer to interact via chat.

Save 39% on call centre costs if Mentat handles 50% of all queries.

Mentat can be made available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Increase employee productivity by using Mentat to train employees, reach across knowledge silos and act as an enhanced search function.

What Do You Get?

Deployment of Mentat, a bespoke chatbot, into your environment.
Mentat is offered as a managed service with local support and regular updates.
Typical features include:

  • Hot-starting on FAQs and other relevant documents.
  • Agent chat interface.
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Training mode
  • Escalation to agent
  • CRM integration
  • Authentication for client specific information.

If required, DataProphet can offer a team of support agents for escalations to ensure 24/7 up-time.

What Does It Cost?

The average deployment fee is dependent upon the complexity of the service provided, thereafter a monthly fee is charged. Significantly disjointed and disparated datasets may influence the fees. A final quote is given after the initial data handover.