Restarting production after COVID-19

As the Coronavirus mitigation measures begin to achieve some success and the economic impact of this crisis grows across the globe, governments are calling on manufacturers to restart their production and to provide leadership in the post lockdown world.

For manufacturers, this is a time of great uncertainty as executives face increased challenges around supply and demand, workforce disruptions, and cash flow. 

In addition, restarting production is, in many cases, a complex and uncertain task even for the most skilled operators. A production restart depends on many highly qualified professionals both inside and outside the business, from executives who set production targets, to process engineers, production managers who coordinate manufacturing, and specialist consultants and OEMs who remain on hand to coordinate risk and guarantee uptime.

For manufacturers facing uncertainty, scrap is more costly than ever. The ability for leaders to identify opportunities in innovation will be a critical differentiator in cost-saving as manufacturing resumes.

Here is a strategic checklist DataProphet has created in order to assist the restarting of your plant:

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