DataProphet launches webinar series for manufacturers: ‘Preparing for AI’

DataProphet hosted a series of webinars for manufacturers to prepare for artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize plant production. The series of online tutorials covers the type of data required from the production process, how to record and improve the data – and the benefits of AI.  Register to attend future live webinars or watch the tutorials on-demand here

Data Required from the Production Process for AI | Part I

  • Build digital view of your process
  • Process data – Quality Data – Production data
  • Different types of production lines
  • Different types of data
  • Quantifiable challenge, optimization metric

 Recording Data for AI | Part II

  • Data maturity from handwritten sheets to cloud DBs
  • AI and your existing automation infrastructure
  • Data recorded, stored and existing infrastructure
  • Data mapped to the process
  • Data mapped to production
  • Data recording purpose
  • Data storage, network infrastructure, security
  • Resources, profiles needed to exploit the data

Improving Data for AI | Part III

  • Implement digitization
  • Implement traceability
  • Adding sensors
  • AI vision tools in the plant
  • Data access challenge

The Benefit of AI | Part IV

  • AI control plan
  • AI monitoring
  • Outlier detection
  • Stream-lined internal processes

Each webinar is recorded and available on-demand. You can watch all of the presentations here.