AMSTERDAM—January 11, 2023—Today, DataProphet announced it had been named a winner in the 2023 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group. 

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.

This winner, DataProphet, and its flagship AI solution, PRESCRIBE, has changed the way manufacturers approach production by leveraging industry 4.0 capabilities with the data manufacturers have at their disposal. Delivered via their proven AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) support model, PRESCRIBE holistically optimizes global plant performance and ensures data-driven Manufacturing and Operational Excellence during smart factory step change. 

DataProphet PRESCRIBE for value-driven digital transformation

How does it work?

DataProphet PRESCRIBE is a leading-edge AI-powered solution for advanced manufacturing process optimization. Harnessing deep learning applied as prescriptive analytics, it provides pre-emptive guidance for operators and plant engineers to meet and exceed critical production KPIs. This approach has guaranteed a pathway to peak operating efficiency in diverse verticals for minimal capital investment. 

An Expert Execution System (EES), PRESCRIBE integrates with a factory’s existing data ecosystem. Embedding traceability in software, it then continually tracks the relevant process and quality data and automatically realigns its prescriptions with the latest plant state. This reliably guides centrally connected plant personnel to realize the most optimal operating region from shift to shift. 

By harnessing the power of risk-managed algorithmic business thinking, functional manufacturing specialists, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and machine builders, are able to enjoy ongoing, measurable improvements to their global plant performance and guaranteed ROI in under a year. 

All of this is good news for continuous improvement managers, utility engineers, and innovation teams.

“Innovation is ‘business critical’ in today’s society,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring DataProphet as they are leading by example and improving the lives of so many.”

About DataProphet 

DataProphet is a high-growth, multi-award-winning AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) company committed to driving next-level production value through its AI-driven OpEx solutions. DataProphet achieves this globally, with operations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, and has adapted its solutions to a number of manufacturing environments, including automotive, rubber, minerals, aluminum, and semiconductors. Our dedicated team of world-class data scientists and engineers collaborate with subject matter experts to understand the manufacturer’s production environment and most critical KPIs. Leveraging production data, our state-of-the-art AI solutions work ahead of real-time to holistically optimize the global state of production, leading to greater process performance, optimal energy and material usage, and an improved bottom line. At the same time, we guide industrials along their digital transformation journeys, helping them digitally upskill their teams and attain Manufacturing and Operational Excellence. 

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives having experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

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