The significant innovations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now permeating many aspects of our professional lives. How we design, build and interface with technology is—increasingly—informed by the insights and underlying principles of deep learning. 

Not surprisingly, AI is revolutionizing multiple industries. From manufacturing, medical diagnostics, and environmental science to finance and cybersecurity, the impact of this technology is now difficult to overstate. Pundits often emphasize the disruptive capabilities of AI combined with the emerging technologies it helps to enable. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that the field of AI was born of necessity as the digital age propagated increasingly enormous quantities of data. Putting AI-driven technologies in perspective, we should also emphasize the value AI-powered technologies can generate. 

Along with fourteen other world-leading value-enablers in the field of machine learning, Forbes selected DataProphet from a multitude of other AI companies that are affecting paradigmatic transformations in diverse industries, deeming us a leading-edge innovator in the field of AI in this current moment. 

Read the article to get more context about DataProphet’s inclusion in this list of recognition as well as the other fourteen AI companies acknowledged in Forbes.


DataProphet is an award-winning, VC-funded, high-growth AI-as-a-Service company that enables manufacturers to step towards autonomous manufacturing. Co-founded by Frans Cronje in 2014, the DataProphet team are innovators of a novel deep learning technology that harnesses prescriptive analytics for proactive, continual optimization of manufacturing systems. 

Our cutting-edge AI factory deployments help manufacturers implement Smart Factory initiatives with guaranteed RoI within the first year of installation. Our company’s suite of AI solutions targets critical production KPIs such as improving quality, increasing production capacity, reducing waste, and operating with greater energy efficiency. With state-of-the-art, pre-emptive data-driven guidance, we have consistently helped customers worldwide to reduce their cost of non-quality by an average of 40 percent.