AMSTERDAM—November 29, 2022—Today, DataProphet received the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business and was named the 2022 Company of the Year for being an industry leader.

DataProphet is unique among next-era industrial technology vendors in that it offers manufacturers the combination of a full data maturity journey with state-of-the-art prescriptive analytics for continual and measurable manufacturing performance improvements.

An AI product suite for value-driven digital transformation

The factories of tomorrow are powered by data, so today’s manufacturers need a complete IIoT connectivity solution. DataProphet CONNECT empowers manufacturers to log, trace, and visualize all processes relevant to production in real time and in one central location. What differentiates CONNECT is that it is a uniquely AI-ready IIoT platform that ensures optimization-critical production data is contextualized, current, and complete. Meanwhile, an Expert Execution System (EES), DataProphet PRESCRIBE, optimizes production preemptively and holistically — benchmarking quality, uptime, throughput, and sustainability-related metrics like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Delivered as a service, PRESCRIBE equips manufacturers to continually optimize any advanced, multi-step production process as they digitally transform. From a commercial standpoint, peak operating efficiency means optimal capacity — measurable ROI is delivered in under a year, the cost of goods sold decreases, and scalable bottom-line production process improvements are sustained.

Securing the smart factory journey with AIaaS

AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) means ongoing and complete support. DataProphet teams consult with factory personnel and tailor an individualized solution to the specific data maturity and optimization needs of a production environment; following this, they guarantee full availability to maintain the relevance and integrity of their solution as a plant evolves. With a unified view of production, DataProphet’s specialists use deep learning, parsing an inconceivable mass of historical and live data to forge an optimal path to the Best-of-Best (BoB) region.

The impact here is that clients avoid the risk and burden of hiring world-class data scientists—because DataProphet models the deep learning algorithms, generates prescriptions, then sends them remotely to operators at factories worldwide. 

“We are so proud to reward DataProphet for their outstanding 2022 leadership and achievements,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nomination officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “This year’s group of winners have shown that resilience and determination are ‘must-haves’ in today’s economy.”

About DataProphet

DataProphet specializes in multi-award-winning, AI-driven process performance optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing and is your trusted AI as a Service (AIaaS) partner. Our OpEx solutions for the digital transformation of manufacturing are bound to measurable results. DataProphet’s teams of world-class data scientists and engineers collaborate with subject matter experts to understand your production environment and most critical KPIs, leveraging your production data with our leading-edge data-driven technology. This approach is proven to reduce the cost of non-quality by 40% on average in diverse manufacturing verticals. With value-tracking and measurement, DataProphet guarantees rapid return on investment to our manufacturer clients worldwide — of between 8x-30x over a 2-year period. Regions DataProphet operates in include Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Manufacturing environments we have adapted our solutions to include automotive, rubber, minerals, aluminum, and semiconductors. Recognized as a WEF Global Innovator, DataProphet’s mission is to safely usher in next-generation production for intelligently connected and sustainable manufacturing—with world-leading machine learning expertise.

About Business Intelligence Group

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