January 20, 2022 | 11:30 AM SAST | Nicol Ritchie | • Press releases

AMSTERDAM – DataProphet, a world-leading AI-for-manufacturing innovator, today announced the formation of its Automotive Advisory Board—providing broad guidance across the new mobility value chain. The award-winning industrial technology company welcomes Mr. Thilo Koslowski.

Koslowski is an executive advisor to leading global corporations, startups, investors, and governments, focusing on business and technology strategies in the automotive and smart mobility markets. He is also the founder and former CEO of Porsche Digital and the first member of DataProphet’s Automotive Industry Advisory Board.

The automotive industry veteran believes that during the new digital era and massive transition to electrification, automotive manufacturers need to think far more strategically about the capacity of AI. Koslowski has years of experience at the leading edge of digital transformation in the industry. He sees Smart Manufacturing process innovations as a critical foundation for this transformation. Koslowski believes that if auto manufacturers want to lead in the digital era, they must embrace AI-driven innovations.

When asked what drew him to partner with DataProphet to drive innovation in automotive manufacturing, Koslowski had this to say:

“Manufacturing expertise continues to represent a key competitive strength in the expanding automotive market. Ultimately, all manufacturing must become agile, intelligent, and autonomous to optimize efficiencies and maximize production yields. DataProphet’s offering can help organizations to start their own unique journeys towards building digital manufacturing capabilities.”

Seeking Koslowski’s industry-specific stewardship directly reflects the DataProphet team’s growth-oriented, go-to-market mindset at a crucial turning point in its commercial development.

Speaking of the announcement, Frans Cronje, CEO and Co-Founder of DataProphet stated: 

“Having someone of Thilo’s caliber agreeing to join our Advisory Board is a significant win for DataProphet. It will assist us in crystallizing our value proposition as it relates to the wider Automotive industry. His guidance will help us enormously as we extend our presence globally in this space. I look forward to tapping into Thilo’s vast knowledge of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.”

DataProphet shares Koslowski’s view that boldness of vision is required by automotive and associated industries who wish to stake a claim in manufacturing’s future. The Industry Advisory board will work closely with DataProphet’s leadership team as they strive to revolutionize production for the automotive industry worldwide. 

Mr. Thilo Koslowski is an exceptional addition to the broader DataProphet Industry Advisory Board. The board will increasingly and collectively bolster the business’s expansion strategy as it relates to the diverse and critical manufacturing verticals benefiting from the company’s AI-as-a-Service.  


DataProphet is a venture-backed, high-growth AI for manufacturing company that pioneered the development and delivery of Deep Learning solutions for manufacturers in key industries worldwide. As heavy industry moves towards autonomous manufacturing, its world-leading AI-powered solutions move customers from over-reliance on human experts to machine learning expert guidance. DataProphet’s mission is for its manufacturing process-agnostic AI-as-a-Service innovations to continue revolutionizing process optimization—supporting its manifold manufacturing sector partners while expanding these partnerships globally. 

DataProphet helps manufacturers of semiconductors, automotive equipment, rubber, glass, plastics, cast iron, and minerals to meet and exceed critical KPIs with cutting-edge AI-as-a-Service. Requiring no additional hardware investments, DataProphet supports users of its technology to become more competitive and more resource-efficient at any stage of the digital transformation journey. DataProphet AI deployments guarantee ROI in the first year of operation and provide ongoing and complete support after installation—including additional data sources and full model maintenance.


Thilo Koslowski is a recognized thought-leading automotive innovator who translates technological capabilities and market trends into industry-leading products, desirable customer experiences, and successful strategies. Thilo has extensive experience building, scaling, and leading successful international business operations headquartered in Silicon Valley and Germany, focusing on creating disruptive cross-industry innovations that maximize return-on-investment for a partner ecosystem. Most recently, Thilo founded and was CEO of Porsche Digital, responsible for the automaker’s digital strategy, new product offerings, and business innovations. Before his work at Porsche, Thilo founded and led Gartner’s global automotive practice in Silicon Valley, California, creating market-leading strategies and products for the new era of smart mobility and the technology-defined automobile.