Leapfrog your digital transformation with DataProphet CONNECT, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution designed from the ground up for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many IoT solutions lack either the availability or the real-time compute capabilities required by AI Systems. This results in unforeseen investments and significantly delays the impact of IIoT.

DataProphet CONNECT offers manufacturers a complete solution designed by AI experts, including: purpose-built industrial edge devices that collect and interpret data on-site; cloud-native storage and durable data management; and intelligent real-time dashboarding. As an integrated and tailored IIoT-for-AI solution, DataProphet CONNECT massively reduces the cost, delays, and uncertainty of adopting AI in manufacturing.
Our IIOT solution is AI-Ready, offering superior streaming, storage, and compute capabilities. With our DataProphet EDGE compute device, manufacturers can connect securely to hundreds of PLC and SCADA data sources and reliably capture information at millisecond resolution. The DataProphet EDGE compute device powers edge compute and AI capabilities and will be robust for years to come.

DataProphet CONNECT provides secure, isolated and fault-tolerant messaging between our edge devices and our cloud storage and compute service. Using DataProphet CONNECT experts can issue high-level queries against streaming data, ensuring easy access and oversight into information in real-time. Using DataProphet CONNECT data is afforded the highest levels of availability and durability across secure and per-tenant isolated hot, warm, and cold storage solutions. The DataProphet CONNECT systems offer support staff easy and secure integration into legacy systems and projects through our unique suite of RESTful API endpoints. For users, the DataProphet CONNECT real-time web interface is an amazing tool for collaborating with and coordinating teams, allowing teams the ability to interact and share live data across the plant. For support staff, rich developer tools allow teams the ability to customize and deploy new interactive and real-time graphs. DataProphet CONNECT places security first, allowing administrators the ability to restrict access data to specific roles at the plant using our best-in-class password encryption or existing Single Sign On (SSO) solutions.

DataProphet CONNECT helps manufacturers stay ahead of the competition by reducing the risks and costs in developing their IIoT and AI capabilities. For manufacturers looking to develop these technologies, sourcing talent and coordinating development across suppliers and teams introduces delays requiring unforeseen investment. Given the pace of IIOT and AI adoption, development delays result in companies constantly play catchup, having to continually reinvest in then outdated IIOT solutions to keep pace with uncertain AI solutions and changing requirements. Using DataProphet CONNECT IIOT systems are designed with AI in mind and future proof, ensuring a seamless and certain investment. DataProphet CONNECT customers buy into a value-add solution and strategy with the support and guidance of AI and IIOT experts. DataProphet is able to pilot customer teams using our rich experience across industries to accelerate their digital transformation journey.