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AMSTERDAM — Dataprophet, a global leader in data-driven performance optimization solutions for digital-era manufacturing, is excited to announce the addition of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Grotepass to its esteemed industry advisory board.

Through his network and connections within the German Platform Industrie 4.0, ZVEI, and DIGITALEUROPE, Prof. Dr. Grotepass will help DataProphet extend its global footprint in the smart manufacturing space and establish additional strategic partnerships.


Dataprophet’s inclusion of Prof. Dr. Grotepass in the broader team is a puzzle piece toward accelerating the adoption of solutions that move the needle on digital success in the manufacturing sector globally.

Prof. Dr. Grotepass brings over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, with a strong background in machine vision technology. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen, focusing on Machine Vision. 

The new advisory board member has been instrumental in driving digital transformation in the manufacturing industry as Chief Strategy Officer of Manufacturing Europe at HUAWEI Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH and the European Research Center (ERC) in Munich. 

Prof. Dr. Grotepass has developed many AI-supported and 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 use case innovations. A noteworthy example is via SmartFactory-KL in cooperation with 15+ industry partners. These showcased during Hannover Messe exhibits between 2018 and 2023. One of  Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s projects solves for quality assurance. It uses machine vision to optimize the quality inspection of customized products by deploying secure cloud services and a federated learning approach. 


When asked what attracted him to collaborate with Dataprophet in driving innovation in sustainable manufacturing performance, Prof. Dr. Grotepass shared this insight:

“Industries are currently progressing in the twin transition process (digital and green) with the carbon footprint of products and processes becoming a new currency. With access to data, AI will be a key enabler in turning empirical process knowledge into predictive solutions. Such solutions will yield savings for customers and related value chains.”

Prof. Dr. Grotepass points out that the electronics industry is spearheading digitalization and, therefore, is a good starting point for other verticals to frame their own digital maturity trajectory:

“In more traditional industries, such as steel and rubber, model creation for predictive and prescriptive AI still is a journey. Experience accumulates collaboratively over time. This is because process data in front-end processes are still missing, calling for sensor integration to generate them.”

For traditional industries to evolve, Prof. Dr. Grotepass highlights the importance of multiple stakeholder collaboration and the role an AI-as-a-Service company like Dataprophet plays in this context:

“Digitalization and the interaction between the three key players — solution provider, integrator, and end-user/operator — are becoming success indicators. Dataprophet’s offerings in this domain serve as a solution provider, guide, and ally to customers on their journey.”

“With Dataprophet, success is achieved with measurable KPIs. These include the OEE of processes and material as well as energy and carbon footprint savings, all demonstrated on customers’ premises,” Prof. Dr. Grotepass concludes.


There is great synergy with Dataprophet in Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s results-driven approach to manufacturing performance optimization. The AI-enabled quality assurance innovation mentioned earlier delivered a 30-40% productivity increase and lead time reduction. 

Likewise, Dataprophet prides itself on guaranteed value generation, its manufacturing customers enjoying a measurable return on assets and bottom line with the company’s data-driven solutions. 

Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s background in academia, research, and industry leadership will provide Dataprophet with unique insights, offering a well-rounded perspective on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in manufacturing.

In addition to his role at HUAWEI Technologies, Prof. Dr. Grotepass is a guest professor at Tongji University (CDHK: Chinese German College) in Shanghai. He is also an expert at the German Platform Industrie 4.0, as part of a working group on ‘Technology and Application Scenarios.’ Finally, at the ZVEI working Group ‘AI in Automation’, he acts as chairman and is a DIGITALEUROPE Digital Manufacturing Executive Council member. 


Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s wealth of expertise and experience will prove invaluable to Dataprophet as it continues to innovate and expand its AI and ML offerings for the manufacturing sector. As Frans Cronje, CEO and co-founder at Dataprophet, said of this development:

“We are honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Jürgen Grotepass to our industry advisory board. His vast experience and leadership in the manufacturing industry — particularly in machine vision, AI, and Industry 4.0 — will provide valuable insights and guidance. These will be brought to bear as we continue to develop end-to-end, cutting-edge AI and ML performance optimization solutions for our clients to realize value from the digital transition.”

And as Andrea Böhmert, Chairperson of the board of Dataprophet, adds, “Dataprophet is privileged to count a number of thought leaders in their respective fields as members of our Industry Advisory Board. These are our supporters, champions, and guides in this fast-changing industry and have been instrumental in ensuring that we, as a team, stay ahead of industry trends. Adding Prof. Dr. Jürgen Grotepass to this circle will help us to obtain even further insights into the latest thinking of some of Europe’s most active umbrella organizations driving industry initiatives. We couldn’t be closer to the pulse.”

Undoubtedly, Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s appointment to the industry advisory board will be a factor in extending Dataprophet’s global footprint. His input will help ensure the company remains at the forefront of technological innovation in manufacturing worldwide. 

Prof. Dr. Grotepass’s diverse experience working with multiple stakeholders, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and research institutions, shines a light on cross-industry collaboration. This is a strategy Dataprophet passionately believes in. 

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