Are you seeking a high-quality, hybrid (physical-digital) environment where your talent will be appreciated, cultivated, and rewarded? Would you accept a mission to shape the future of AI for next-era manufacturing? A career at DataProphet means training your mind and harnessing your creative fire. We generate novel solutions to 21st-century manufacturing challenges at the leading edge of artificial intelligence—our inclusive working environment values and rewards the unique contributions of its teams and team members. We also celebrate frequently!


Our people are our company—each team member makes a critical and unique contribution. Some of us mature the company; others drive its technology, deliver its solutions, craft its messages, uplift its environment, or realize its many enjoyable events. As knowledge workers, we have a passion for the problem and believe authentic leadership starts with self-leadership. DataProphet trusts by default. Individuality is appreciated, and individual contributions are valued. Celebration is a must. Not just of milestones, although we frequently reward great work—we also regularly get together for novel and inclusive activities and socials.

These values are tangible when you work at DataProphet and have shaped a stimulating, diverse, connected, and fun culture! It's a fascinating time to be in this space. Production technologies, products, and product variations are changing before our eyes. 3D printing, sustainable materials, autonomous driving, additive manufacturing, and the staggering transition to e-mobility are just a few examples. Future plants need to be agile enough to adapt to the moment and flexible enough to evolve with these fast-changing times. We believe DataProphet is perfectly poised to play an increasingly important role as a guidance system in this great technological leap forward. After all, the next generations depend on its success! It all starts at the company and with our people.


We are Committed to Individuality


We Trust by Default

We Believe in Connections and Relationships

We all are the Company

We Believe in Self-Leadership

We have Passion for the Problem

We are Collegial

We choose to be Experts


Join DataProphet’s diverse, global, and ambitious team. We are on a mission to inspire data-driven change as the industrial world becomes smarter and more sustainable during digital transformation. Help us revolutionize industry by solving technical manufacturing problems using world-leading AI. Our hybrid working environment strives to evolve its authentic, collaborative workplace experiences while strengthening employee purpose, igniting creative energy, and promoting social cohesion. Ours is a solutions-driven organization. Responsibilities are clear, support is at hand, and opportunities to learn and grow are abundant.

Flexible working hours

Healthy snacks & great coffee

Shower facilities for your after your run!

Generous leave policies

Work with a highly qualified and diverse team


DataProphet is always looking for highly-skilled, passionate people to help us do daring, complex, and incredibly rewarding work. Browse our vacancies and become part of a professional, supportive, and fun-loving team. We create a welcoming, dynamic space for everyone to bring their best selves to work.


Our mission at DataProphet is clear—we aim to become the world's leading provider of state-of-the-art AI solutions for manufacturers. In the process, we are revolutionizing production optimization for key verticals as the industrial world digitally transforms. Our Deep Learning AI-as-a-Service deployments scale high-impact process efficiencies—freeing up time and revenue for innovation and creating more eco-efficient factories. Our ethos then is to be, every day, the North Star for the production engine of tomorrow's world. DataProphet enacts its vision by sourcing and nurturing our talent and building partnerships into the broader industry ecosystem.


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AI significantly impacts how we design, build and interface with industry. It is also the cornerstone of digital transformation. Our team of data science experts and software engineers have their fingers on the pulse—of the most recent innovations and state-of-the-art tools in the field of machine learning. Watch these videos for in-depth insights as DataProphet talents share their particular passions for industry-shaping technology.

DataProphet Interview with AI TV

24 Jan 2020

Our Country Sales Manager, Isaac Matsa, talks about the success of DataProphet over the years ...

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6 Nov 2019

This video discusses the differences between the popular embedding algorithm t-SNE and the relatively recent ...

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The Journey to Autonomous Manufacturing

10 Feb 2020

Where have we come from and where are we going in industry 4.0? In reflecting ...

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