Why DataProphet?

DataProphet is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for manufacturing. Our award winning technology embeds unique adaptations and advancements of deep learning, enabling AI to have a significant and practical impact on the factory floor. DataProphet’s solutions are built to be adapted and integrated into existing environments, making it possible for our digital transformation team to take your operations from zero to AI. We understand manufacturing and that real impact is achieved with pre-emptive actions because real-time is often too late.

Recognized by

2019 Technology Pioneer
Winner of Best Innovation in Deep Learning
Winner of SA Innovation Challenge
Winner of AfricArena Vinci Energies Challenge
Top 5 Most Exciting Startups in SA

Company Overview

Take your team and operations from zero to AI
DataProphet led the revolution at Atlantis Foundries, modernizing the operation to a smart foundry, winning 'Excellence in Digitization' in the 2019 Factory of the Year Awards.

Uplifted two years of hand written and electronic production history; across multiple processes to realize a single unified view upon data in a month.

Extracted, transformed and attached over 6,000 process parameters to quality metrics across an entire ore refinery - enabling the site for AI process parameter control.
0% shipped defects at a grey iron foundry for three months

>50% reduction of stud weld defects

>70% reduction of spot weld defects
Enable AI to have a significant and practical impact on the factory floor
Use prescriptive actions because real-time is too late
DataProphet PRESCRIBE works in ahead of real-time to recommend the best next action to the machine operator, pre-emptively avoiding yield loss, defects on the line.

DataProphet INSPECT works with consistent accuracy to dramatically improve data collected from a visual quality inspection.

Explainer Video: DataProphet Prescribe