About Us

About Us

DataProphet provides consulting and product development services to a wide range of industries from finance to legal.

As machine learning specialists we are comprised of a diverse team of skilled computer scientists, statisticians, actuaries, engineers and mathematicians that are poised to deliver something which has previously been unavailable to entities smaller than a nation-state – actionable artificial intelligence solutions.

Our Team

Gilad Amar

Data Scientist

Joris Stork

Senior Data Scientist

Bennie Leonard

Machine Learning Scientist

Stephen Hunter

Senior Data Scientist

Peter Brookstein

Data Scientist

Isaac Matsa

Sales Executive

Frans Cronje

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Daniel Schwartzkopff

Commercial Director, Co-Founder

Michael Grant

Chief Technical Officer

Michelle Docking

Operations Manager

Grant Gohl

Creative Lead

Ricardo Ludeke

Data Scientist

Gareth Halstead

Product Manager

Veeren Naidoo

Consulting Associate

Tim Wolff-Piggott

Junior Data Scientist

Sizwe Mamba

Junior Data Scientist

Philip Montsho

Junior Data Scientist

Tom Whitehead

Junior Data Scientist