DataProphet partners with Norican to increase the adoption of AI in the foundry industry

DataProphet has entered an industry-exclusive partnership with Norican Global A/S, a leading metallic parts enhancement company, to bring meaningful AI applications into real-life foundry environments.

Anders Wilhjelm, CEO of Norican Group, says: “We know foundries and how they work, DataProphet really knows AI. Together, we can bring practical AI applications into foundries faster – applications that will have a tangible impact for our customers now, not in a distant future. In DataProphet, we have found a partner who shares our pragmatic attitude and our passion for helping foundries work ever more productively and resource-efficiently. We have started with DISA applications, but we will fast forward to the full brand portfolio and beyond soon.”

Frans Cronje, CEO and co-founder of DataProphet, adds: “We first came across DISA when we worked on a project with a forward-looking foundry in South Africa, where we helped reduce defects by 40% over 24 months and achieved 0% defects for up to three months. Working closely with an equipment manufacturer of DISA’s deep expertise allows us to make a genuine difference to operations. The team at DISA understand where foundries are on their data journey – where to look for the largest gains, which data to collect and use, which problems to tackle first. Too often AI is a solution without a problem; together, we can make it a powerful tool that solves real operational issues.”

Read the full press release here.