DataProphet confirmed to speak at the American Automotive Summit 2019 in Detroit

DataProphet will be attending the American Automotive Summit on September 16-18, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. The summit will host discussions with over 150 industry peers and delve into strategies to optimize manufacturing and R&D.  

Frans Cronje, CEO and Co-founder at DataProphet, is speaking in the plenary session on day one. His session titled, ‘How AI-enabled process parameter optimization can assist in reducing defects and reworks’ will cover:

  • What data is required to get meaningful results from AI on an ongoing basis?
  • Adjusting the process parameters to decrease the number of errors in the production process
  • Discussing the results of AI-enabled process parameter optimization deployment in stud welding and grey-iron casting environments
  • Assisting AI in the manufacturing environment by digitizing and automating different processes

Learn more about DataProphet’s experience and case studies in the automotive sector or get in touch with us to hear more here.